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Friday, November 27, 2015

Paperback Release - I, Slave: 1746-1963

I, Slave: 1746-1963

. . .  is an historical fictional novel filled with the realities of life's struggles and hardships. It is a story of faith, hope, and determination, during tumultuous times; of adventure, challenge, and success; of romance, love, and the joys of youthful courtship. This literary work’s tale transcends the cultural, political, social, and racial dialogue of a time during our world’s history wished forgotten. Captivity and slavery, Chicago’s underground tunnels and criminal organizations, New York youth gangs, historic wars, and idealistic dreams, all fill the hearts and minds of those individuals found within the pages of this poignant work.

Across the Horizons of the Seven Seas

From 1746 Liverpool, England through the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement in 20th century America, this account follows the life of a youthful slave, Bullahah, and his progeny. We begin during a time when the sale of fellow humans was a normal and lucrative global activity. This controversial period of history strikes hard at humanity's heart, soul, and conscience, and of what it means to be a human being.

Join the obscure maritime world of slaving sailors as they sail the seas, many in the basest of jobs. Some are in search of fortune, while others simply desire better lives across the ocean in the New World. Colorful pirates and adventurous ship captains fill and romanticize our minds, while brutal floggings, extreme disciplinary actions, harsh labor conditions and the pit-and-gallows judgments, terrify our 21st century contemporary understanding.

A Family’s Two Century Quest for Freedom - The Slave Trade Era and Beyond

"It was a time when the golden days of global slave trading grew and flourished; days that birthed the gluttonous greed of New World capitalistic society; days that touted equality, but conveniently excluded those peoples defined as being from a lower order, reclassifying them as the basest of commodities… property, simple human chattels; days when ruling classes refused to recognize that there is only one race of peoples upon this Earth… humankind." -Author

Crack of the Whip: a novel that offers the literary connoisseur a plethora of historic flavors with which to douse their knowledge-thirsty palate. It is a story embracing immense hope, undying persistence, and incredible family strengths that prevail throughout generations; a story that stretches beyond continental boundaries and transcends the racial barriers that divide peoples, nations, and cultures. Era related adult content and epic themes: slavery, punishment, floggings, death, racism, etc., all surface in this brilliant account of life during the era of the transatlantic slave trade and beyond.
-E. MH Ratterman

Paperback: 32o pages
Language: English
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Paperback: HERE
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