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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CBT & FACTA - Overview for USA Expats

A great overview for USA Expats:

Think You Can Leave the US? Think Again!
(Or, the United States as a Fiscal Prison)
Blog Post by Laura Snyder / 19 February 2018


- FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - Obama Administration 2010) -

- Citizenship-based taxation (CBT) –

- Renouncing US citizenship –

- Unfavorable treatment of INDIVIDUALS and notably of individuals who reside outside the US –

- The United States is often referred to as an “empire” –

- USA is becoming an important tax haven –

- Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry -


More Info and Links Galore HERE

For those USA Expat Crypto-currency traders - an article HERE

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Psychopathy / Antisocial, Narcissistic & Histrionic Personality Disorders

For fiction writers, crime fiction in particular, knowing the personality traits behind the characters you create is vital, as well as adding  one or more 'notable' inconsistencies that are necessary to keep the character(s) unpredictability alive and vibrant.

The following may help you with some foundational information... at least the questions can be used to develop the trait(s) necessary to portray the character the way you wish.

Even among professionals, there is confusion about the meanings and differences between psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial and histrionic personality disorder, and much more so amongst persons who sense problems in their relation to others but need orientation on where these problems might derive from. This test tries to assist in checking for traits of each of these disorders separately and then giving separate results for each of them.

A test checking for traits of the following personality disorders can be found online:
     Psychopathy / Antisocial Personality Disorder
     Narcissistic Personality Disorder
     Histrionic Personality Disorder

Take the test yourself HERE

More info HERE - and HERE

Note for those with professional backgrounds (legal system, corrections, criminology, police, etc.),
I've coined a two-sided lucky Sixpence concept to help differentiate between the 'normal' and the 'professional' applications resulting from this test:

   1. Selective Psychopathy
   2. Situational Psychopathy

The two are inclusive and reflect a dependency upon one another (a two-sided coin).

If... your profession requires contact with individuals and circumstances 'forcing' a Situational Psychopathic approach, then your professionalism requires a Selective Psychopathic applicatory response to each of those situations.

So, in short (for writers), you can use many of the Psychopathy test's attributes to portray your 'good' characters performing their duties as police, lawyers, judges, politicians, etc.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Similes Game for the Holiday Seasons

Similes Game for the Holidays

If you remember, this game was demonstrated in many film versions of “A Christmas Carol” (Scrooge) where the host says the first part and the contestants respond accordingly. “As tight as a …” Drum - not Scrooge.
So, if you have a large crowd coming for an extended period of time, this may be a fun idea to try this Christmas.

Begin with “As” . . .

ALIKE as two peas in a pod.
BALD as a coot.
BIG as a bus, an elephant.
BITTER as gall, soot.
BLACK as ink, as a coal, as a crow, as pitch, as a chimney sweep.
BLIND as a bat, a beetle, a mole.
BLUNT as a hedge-hook.
BOLD as brass.
BRAVE as a lion.
BRIGHT as a button, a new pin, as silver.
BRITTLE as glass.
BROWN as a berry
BUSY as a bee, a beaver, as a cat on a hot tin roof.
CALM as a millpond.
CHATTER like a jay.
CLEAN as a whistle.
CLEAR as a bell, as crystal, the day, as mud.
COLD as a cucumber, as ice, as a frog, as charity.
COMMON as dirt.
CROOKED than a barrel of snakes.
CROSS as the tongs, as two sticks.
CUNNING as a fox.
DARK as pitch [pitch-dark].
DEAD as a door-nail, the dodo.
DEAF as a post.
DIFFERENT as chalk from cheese.
DRUNK as a sailor, lord.
DRY as a bone, as dust.
DULL as dishwater.
DUMB than a bucket of doorknobs.
EASY as A.B.C., as apple-pie.
FAIR as a lily.
FALSE as hell.
FANCIFUL as modern science.
FAT as a pig, as a porpoise.
FIT as a fiddle.
FLAT as a flounder, as a pancake.
FLEET as the wind, as a racehorse.
FREE as a bird, the air.
FRESH as a daisy.     
GAY as a lark.
GENTLE as a lamb.
GOOD as gold.
GREEN as grass.
HAPPY as a lark.
HARD as nails, as iron, as a flint.
HARMLESS as a dove.
HEAVY as lead.
HOARSE as a hog, as a raven.
HELPLESS as a babe.
HOLLOW as a drum.
HOT as an oven, as a coal, as fire, as hell.
HUNGRY as a wolf, a bear, a hunter.
INNOCENT as a lamb.
LARGE as life.
LIGHT as a feather, as air, as day.
LIMP as a glove.
LOUD as thunder.
MAD as a hatter, as a hornet.
MERRY as a grig, as a cricket.
MILD as Moses, as milk.
NEAT as wax, as a new pin.
NUTTY as a fruitcake.
OBSTINATE as a mule, a pig.
OLD as the hills, as Methuselah.
PALE as a ghost, as death.
PLAIN as day, a pikestaff.
PLAYFUL as a kitten.
PLEASED as punch.
PLUMP as a partridge.
POOR as dirt, a rat, as a church mouse, as Job.
PROUD as a peacock, as Lucifer.
PURE as the driven snow.
QUICK as a wink, as lightning, as silver.
QUIET as a church mouse.
RED as blood, as a fox, a rose, a brick.
ROUGH as a corncob, as a nutmeg-grater.
ROUND as an orange, a ball.
RUDE as a bear.
SAFE as horses, as the bank (of England), as the stocks (stock market).
SAVAGE as a bear, as a tiger, as a bear with a sore head.
SCARCE as hen's teeth.
SHARP as a tack, a razor, a needle.
SICK as a dog, a cat, a horse, a toad, a parrot.
SILENT as the dead, the grave.
SLEEP like a top.
SLIPPERY as an eel.
SLOW as a snail, as a tortoise.
SLY as a fox.
SMOOTH as silk, as a baby’s butt.
SNUG as a bug in a rug.
SOBER as a judge.
SOFT as silk, as velvet, as soap.
SOLID as a rock, the ground we stand on.
SOUND as a bell, a roach.
SOUR as vinegar, as verjuice.
STARE like a stuck pig.
STEADY as a rock, as Old Time.
STIFF as a board, a poker.
STINGY as old Scrooge.
STRAIGHT as an arrow.
STRONG as an ox, as iron, as a horse, as brandy.
STUBBORN as a mule.
STURDY as an oak.
SURE as a gun, as fate, as death and taxes.
SURLY as a bear.
SWEET as sugar.
SWIFT as lightning, as the wind, as an arrow.
TALL as a giraffe.
THICK as hops.
THIN as a rake, a lath, as a whipping-post.
TIGHT as a drum.
TIMID as a rabbit.
TOUGH as nails, as leather, as old boots.
TRUE as the Gospel.
VAIN as a peacock.
WARM as a toast.
WEAK as water, as a kitten.
WELCOME as a skunk at a lawn party.
WET as a fish.
WHITE as a ghost, as the driven snow, as milk, as a swan, as a sheet, as chalk.
WISE as an owl, a serpent, as Solomon.
YELLOW as a guinea, as gold, as saffron.