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Friday, April 8, 2011

The 50’s Zone

By Royce A Ratterman ©

Previously performed for the intro monologue for a 1950’s Valentine’s Day dinner theatre.

After the general introduction the Rod Serling impersonator enters with a lit candle between his fingers (Instead of the usual cigarette Mr. Serling always smoked)

Rod Serling Impersonator 

You are entering an area tonight where the innate logical processes of the substance contained within your skull, commonly referred to as gray-matter, have been temporarily set aside to facilitate a blatant attempt to suffice the simpleton’s hunger for moments of temporal elation which try to ease the monotony and mediocrity of mankind’s existence upon this temporal globe.

However you may have chanced to journey to this place will be of little significance and of no permanent importance. The dire fact of your presence here alone signifies the sombering reality that wants and needs are unfulfilled in the colorless realms of your meaningless lives.

Some will leave here feeling an historical event has occurred, by which, their destiny has forever been altered, changed, never again to tread the decadent pathways found within the deepest resources of humanity’s immoral, subconscious being.

Others will depart postulating this evening’s intrinsic worth and the validity of repeating some of these nonsensical parodies again the following year. Some of those present may feel they have unlocked the mysteries of the universe; or have found the true meaning and essence of life itself. Many will disavow their ephemeral allegiance with the incidents perpetrated here tonight.

Whatever and however you find solace this evening, one thing is assured – you are now entering the . . . 50’s Zone.

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