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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waking the Dead (TV series)

If you write crime fiction and/or just enjoy varied television series and films related to this topic ... Waking the Dead has released all 9 seasons on DVD in a box set for Region 2. Other regions TBA.

Waking the Dead is a British television police procedural crime drama series produced by the BBC featuring fictional Cold Case Unit comprising CID police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist.

Regions - Map

Amazon Sale UK - Waking the Dead Series 1-9 Box Set [DVD] 46 disks (Region 2)

This is one of my favorite TV crime series and over here in the EU we do not have the annoying commercials breaking up the show ... not to mention your concentration.
Episodes are generally 120-minutes each and divided into two 60-minute parts. In Norway we see both part-1 and part-2 together with a short news pause between each. We do not need to wait until the next week for the second half.

I am still polishing up my two crime fiction novels (YA & Adult) - I find related books, shows, movies, news, etc. to be very inspirational to me for my writing productivity, so I had to post this, ha, ha.

I will enjoy adding this Box-Set to my complete Columbo set!

1 comment:

Misha said...

I love procedurals, but for some reason never saw Waking the Dead. I will keep an eye out for it on t.v.