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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anders Breivik - The Trial of a Madman, or an Injustice to a Hero?

What are your opinions concerning the trial of Anders Breivik?

   Sane?   Insane?      (<-- click)

Do you feel that he is a hero for his culture and the world, or just a simple extremist madman?

Could he simply be one of millions globally that suffer from a plethora of psychiatric disorders associated with criminal behavior … or not?

And why do we modern cultures romanticize figures like Alexander the Great (b. 20/21 July 356) and condemn the more recent varieties like Adolf Hitler, whose birthday will come this Friday the 20th of April.

We know that Anders Breivik produced a large manifesto and borrowed some of its contents from other published arenas he felt were in conjunction with his quest, but was he a victim of the overzealous anti-Muslim crowd due to some mental disorder, or a well-focused crusader for his own ideologies regarding future cultural preservation?

AND for us who write fiction ... is this a 'Been There, Done That' overused example that would not sell many copies if made into fiction, or sell a million if presented in a detailed and factually thorough biographical way?

Happy Writing!

Income, Capital & Tax listings 2006-2009 for Anders Behring Breivik - HERE


Income  = Inntekt
Capital = Formue
Tax     = Skatt

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