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Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazon – Kindle – Smashwords – Blurb – Lulu – CreateSpace – Nexus 7 – Gotye – Adele - Revolution

Amazon – Kindle – Smashwords – Blurb – Lulu – CreateSpace – Nexus 7 – Gotye & KimbraAdele - Revolution

With plummeting shares highlighting the decline of the Facebook empire and Indie publishers with POD readiness on a phenomenal rise, could this be signaling the final end to the Empty Era; that almost 40 year era controlled by wordless & mindless songs, mass produced art, those generic look-alike book covers and  what agents and corporate execs claimed were socially acceptable and marketable literary works?

Is it time for real artists to once again create their varied works of expression free from the bondage of jump-through-the-hoop business and social hierarchal restrictions which are now tumbling like temple pillars before Samson’s blinded eyes? Will you grab hold of those pillars of tradition and restrictiveness to pull them down?

Could a passive social revolution be cresting the creativity horizon, shining brightly on our artistic expressive futures?

Is humanity thinking again, or is this just a temporary phase that will fade into oblivion like the free thought of the 60s, only to be replaced again by a world of Annie Halls saying and living a “La-di-da, la-di-da, la la” existence?

What do you think? Do you like it the way it is and want the changing times to slow down, go away, or do you welcome the possibility of honesty pushing its way up through the dirt of current trends to blossom like a flower in the warmth of the sun?

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