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Monday, October 8, 2012

Elections USA 2012, President Obama, Candidate Romney, China & the South China Sea, Electric Cars, National Debt

If you keep up with some of the global debates then you are well aware of the current conflicts related to China and its burgeoning future.

I haven't heard either President Obama or Candidate Romney tackle this topic in detail and honestly to date, only the rhetoric during one debate concerning both men's substantial financial investments in China... but I have little exposure to USA news.

In addition to owning $1.15 trillion of U.S. government debt -- more than any other country (Who Owns America’s Debt?), this 'King of the East' desires almost complete control over the South China Sea - 85% was mentioned during a debate.

-The populous still idolizes Mao Zedong (aka: Mao Tse-tung/ Chairman Mao) even though the current government and its achievements are the result of his successor,
-The male portion of their military is growing faster than willow trees along a riverbank (related to the one child rule), 
-China's electric cars are super cool - but not many buyers thus far within their own borders.

This suspenseful intrigue looks like great fodder for an international mystery/crime/thriller style fiction novel far beyond anything 007 could hope to cope with.

Do you know of any novels like this yet; ones that will captivate its readers and hold them longer in their grasp than North Korea could hold Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee for 140 days?

More related info:

China has a huge surplus of men because of its one child policy of strict birth control. Approximately sixty percent of parents since 1980 have chosen to have a male child. This ongoing one child policy over several decades will produce 50 to 100 million surplus males of military age by 2035.

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