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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Literary Works Now Available in Japan

My literary works are available from these Kindle Stores worldwide:


New addition: My Author Page in Japan: Royce A Ratterman

Individual book links (Japan):

Note: Books & Plays are in the English language unless otherwise noted.

Criminal Continuum: Teen Criminal Investigation Unit [Kindle]

The Starshine Kid: Arroyo Grande [Kindle]

The Rough Edges of the Cross: Y-MAX: Youth Maximum Security Detention Facility (Volume 1) [Kindle]

Pensivity: Poems & Stories for Contemplation [Kindle]

The Wagon: Dr. Tamarra and His Famous Elixir [Kindle]

En Bestemors Jul - En Fortelling om Julen [Kindle - in the Norwegian language]

My USA Author Page: HERE


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