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Monday, March 3, 2014

New Release Coming Soon…!

Coming Soon…!
Cotton & Corn
A Place, A Life, A Memory
Fiction: Youth-Adult

My new release will be out shortly in paperback.

Available NOW in Kindle format: HERE
About Cotton & Corn:
The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era of Oklahoma's history hit its farming communities hard, but the hopeful, optimistic simplicities of youth prevailed and birthed a new generation, a strong and determined generation, a generation of patriotic, hard-working Americans.
Listen as Rae Ann tells the story of life as it was during the years of 1929 through 1940 in Oklahoma. Her story is one of faith and inspiration, of life's joys and life's hardships, of youthful courage and hopeful dreams. Cotton & Corn is filled with straight-forward, poignant, and unforgettable remembrances as experienced by this young girl and those around her.
Travel back to the days when the work ethics and lifestyles forged what it meant to be a human being; back to a time when the friendships one formed and nurtured created bonds that would last a lifetime.


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