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Monday, December 29, 2014

Variety… the Spice of Life!

My current project involves a tremendous amount of supplemental research, including an easy Baker’s Dozen or three worth of films, over 150 books, half-a-dozen binders of info, and endless hours of educational surfing of academic sites around the globe, including Project Gutenberg (Project Gutenberg offers over 46,000 FREE books: epub, kindle, plain text, read-online…). Not to mention downloading pdf documents from everywhere I happen to find them.
One practical aspect of this project is being able to write sections of my story as they progress upon completion of research and reading for that portion of the book. Of course, I always run across more information that requires my return to an area for additional editing; this is a pleasure and a great way to provide a little variety to a project. Having an open-ended deadline is of additional comfort - due to unpredictable periodic health concerns, ha, ha.
I snagged some photographs, like the one above, from the internet and am using them for visual templates of my characters; taking the time to photo-edit them is also somewhat relaxing. I admit that visiting the Rembrandt art collection, and other famous masters’ collections of works, in Amsterdam, Netherlands a few months ago pointed me toward this avenue of ocular galvanization for character representations in my mind.
How about you… do you vary your literary endeavors in any way?

Have a wonderful and happy New Year’s Eve everyone!
Onward to 2015


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