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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Guinea Pig Detective Bureau

The Cat’s Collar
The Guinea Pig Detective Bureau

Attention all junior detectives!

Guinea Pig brothers, Cinnamon & Spicy, are the two finest and greatest detectives known throughout the entire world in the animal kingdom. Join them as they investigate the case of ‘The Cat’s Collar’.

In a place known as The Big City live two twin brothers named Cinnamon and Spicy. They do not look exactly alike, but they are twins none the less.

Detective Superintendent Cinnamon and Detective Superintendent Spicy are from the Scotland’s Yard; actually, they live with the Scotland family and are often out in their yard.  It is a beautiful yard, with trees, shrubs, flowers, a statue next to the pond, and lots of green grass.

Cinnamon and Spicy have many friends, Harry the Hedgehog, Crimson the Cat, Polly the Parrot, to name just a few, but they really enjoy the time they spent with Daisy Fields the Pet Store owner. They lived in her store until that wonderful day when the Scotland family came to her little pet shop, adopted the two boys, and then took them to their new home. The two little fellows also enjoyed the many tasty guinea pig treats that Miss Fields used to give them on occasion.

These two brothers started the Guinea Pig Detective Bureau to help with any matter, any subject, and any problem that anyone would ask them to investigate...

Parents: This important case, The Cat’s Collar, highlights the skill of retracing one’s steps in order to find a lost item. Written for the young detective and animal pet lover, this short tale of investigation offers suspense, intrigue, excitement, and just plain old literary fun for the young child and the young at heart.

A great bedtime story for easy reading!

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