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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Dystopian Society of Fahrenheit 451?

Books, Music & Academic Clubs

It appears that the flames of total economic meltdown continue to spread rapidly throughout the book industry and its peripherals.

Royce's commentary . . .

With music and other arts (the creative, analytical thinkers) already cut or being cut from many schools, it appears that literary pursuits are currently being shoved aside in the public arena - out of sight, out of mind,

This act (below) reminded me of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, where Captain Beatty quotes so many books as they are related to life's experiences, but still does his job to the letter, all the while struggling within.

It is sad to think that 'in-house' reviews are being done with the Los Angeles Times. Less variety, expertise and generic reviews one can get at any web sales site. Many of the nooks and crannies of a books pages are undoubtedly being left out.

What do you think?
I wonder what author Ray Bradbury thinks.

Excerpt from a news article:

"In a move as significant for its breadth as its implications for the future of book coverage, the Los Angeles Times book review laid off all of its freelance book reviewers and columnists on July 21. Susan Salter Reynolds was with the Times for 23 years as both a staffer and freelancer and wrote the ‘Discoveries’ column that appeared each week in the Sunday book review."

Added note:
Susan Salter Reynolds was laid off a year and a half ago. The editor of the book section assured her there would be no more hires. The next thing she knew the editor had become the book critic and had hired a full time blogger instead.
She stated, "... isn't publishing a world in which expertise has some value?

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