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Friday, August 5, 2011

Norway Bombing & Shooting Victims

Friday 3 August 2011

17 years old Utøya victim Torjus Jakobsen Blattman was buried today at the cemetery where I work - Oddernes Chapel.

Trond Blattman, father of Torjus, and for many years a Labor Party politician, carried his son’s coffin.

Torjus Jakobsen Blattman was a member of the political party Kristiansand AUF and was among those who lost their lives at Utøya two weeks ago today.

Hundreds of people came to say goodbye.

It was a magnificent and dignified ceremony. An impressive father gave the memorial speech about a loved son.

Spokesperson Rigmor Aasrud was present from the government in the chapel. “Now it is important that we continue to show warmth and concern for each other also in the future,” said Aasrud. “It's just inhuman what has happened, completely incomprehensible.”

“A situation where young people lose their lives for what they believe is completely beyond imagination,” said Minister of Government Administration and Church Minister to NRK News.

A tearful Jannike Arnesen, director of the Kristiansand AUF, talked about the loss of any friend in the church, “I have lost the most reliable AUF shoulder I've ever met. He was a true Labour Man.”

Blog Note: The Norwegian government assumed responsibility for all related funerary expenses for the families of everyone who perished in this terror action.


More photos

Article translated from Norwegian text.


Patsy said...

"completely incomprehensible"

That sums up my feelings.

L.G.Smith said...

Sad and senseless. I live in Colorado where the Columbine high school shooting took place. We were numb for days afterwards.

Royce A Ratterman said...

Patsy & L.G.,
We remember that Tuesday, April 20, 1999, very well. I was in California and my wife in Norway - we'd married in March.
And 9-11 I was on my way to work at Folsom Prison.
Bad days to remember.