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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fahrenheit 451 – 2012 AD

Commentary by Royce A Ratterman

It appears that some USA schools no longer wish to ‘Kindle’ the literary flame within the hearts of America’s youth.

I feel anyone or any entity choosing to ban or limit books, electronic or otherwise, is not encouraging multi-level analytical free thinking, research, study, human diversity of thought, and are standing tall against the fundamental desires of mankind regarding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

With bookstores across the US refusing to stock Amazon published books, leaving the wealthy Big-6 to dominate the publishing-to-bookstore market, one can see the foggy future horizon of literary darkness and the fading sunset of youthful readers. Those book enterprises that refuse to advance into the modern customer world by including eBooks, self-publishing efforts and print-on-demand, have dropped like flies in recent years.

I went to the home of the Nook (Spring 2012) Barnes and Noble’s website, and it appeared I could no longer use my account to purchase unless I paid $25.00 every year for a membership – I’m not quite ready for this yet Barnes and Noble, sorry. I have experienced problems with Amazon’s subcontracting book dealers not actually having the books they sell in stock. At least eBooks are there, though I have very few.

The metaphorical book burning flames will continue to rise higher if parents, teachers and students stand idly by only watching and do not plan for the unfolding future. One needs not be an activist, but the book markets of the future are far wider than those of the past. Mankind will not be restricted by the Big-6, their wealthy investors, or repressive practices against new authors. The pioneers of literary freedom and its publishing options will continue to cross the bountiful plains of journalistic freedom to reach those rural readers seeking the advancement of their minds.

The future is in each author’s hands!

How do you feel?


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