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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Y-MAX: Youth Maximum Security Detention Facility

This is the first book of a new teen fiction series I have started called

'The Rough Edges of the Cross'

The dedication I wrote for this first book:
Dedicated to all of the youths living on the outskirts of humanity’s horizon of normalcy; those whose daily lives are only the surrealistic nightmares of their middle and upper class counterparts.

A criminal conviction and a judge's sentence place a teen into the heart of prison life.
Can God hear this teen's voice, the voice of a criminal? Does God even care about the troubles and suffering this youth faces behind the razor wire? Will the Bible contain anything within it to help this teen face his life in confinement?
Discover how this youth presses onward in a world where concrete walls and criminal enemies stand firmly in opposition against him. Watch him gradually learn the art of walking in the Light while living in the darkness of imprisonment as he searches for the answers to those questions no one wishes to hear or dares to ask.


Programs Anyone?

“I think we--”
“Quiet!” shouted the C/O, hushing the small group of youths assembled before him. “Stay in single file, don’t talk to one another and do not hail any of your homeboys should you see them along the way. Got that?”
“Yes,” responded the group.
The orange side’s hallway was longer than Renie had remembered it and the green side’s hall was at least twice as long. Billy was dropped off first and Renie lost what semblance of hope he had of sharing a cell with his new friend. The other boys, one by one, filtered into their unit wings like cards dealt from a casino dealer.
The C/O escorted Renie to his final destination where the Control officer opened up one end of the unit’s entry/exit sally port. Once the C/O and Inmate Stone were inside, the Control officer closed the portal then opened the other door granting access to Renie’s new place of residence. One of the housing officers, T.J. Johnson, searched Renie upon entry and gave him his new green side clothes. He also handed Renie his standard issue of bedding, instructing him to bring back the orange jumpsuit and then he would receive his inmate ID card.
“Up there,” pointed the C/O, “217.”
Renie’s new home was in J- Wing. His cell number was 2-217-U, meaning second tier cell number 217 and the upper bunk.
Renie climbed the tall, wide stairway to the second tier and walked toward his new cell. “Hey, Buttercup,” someone whispered through their cell door as he passed by.
 Chills engulfed Renie as he pondered the thought, Buttercup?
The housing Control officer opened cell 217 and Inmate Stone entered. The bottom bunk resonated order, detail and spotlessness, but was noticeably empty. Immaculate, Renie surmised that his celly was a disciplined youth of some sort. The claustrophobic sound of the automatic cell door closing behind him startled him. Home sweet home, I guess.

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Shallee said...

This sounds like a fascinating read. Good luck with it!