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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Islam, World Violence, Free Speech, Terrorism, Obama, Muslims, Clinton... Blood!

  Free Speech...
        Except For...

Will the outbreak of world violence, which seems so typical these days regarding this topical area, continue for eons to come? Has it always been a part of social norms? Do you feel these types of reactions are justified, a violation of one's right to free speech and expression, or just an over-reaction by some individuals, or...?

Will authors be forced to avoid certain story lines and content in their works due to the predictable response of extreme violence that is almost certainly guaranteed?

How can this be resolved? Does one world group have the authority to terminate free speech/expression while others do not? Should global parameters limiting the horizons of free speech be enabled, or would those parameters in themselves signal the end of free speech as we know it and commence a new chapter in Big Brother's historic almanac of repressive tactics undermining humanity’s freedoms?
Or... should individuals globally respect the beliefs, lifestyles and opinions religious groups such as this have historically desired so fervently - as exampled by Native Americans, Scandinavian Sami populations, blacks, homosexuals, Christians, free-speech protestors, etc.?


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