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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two New Fiction Releases

The Starshine Kid: Arroyo Grande
by Royce A Ratterman
Cross Walk Publishing

The Old West was never the same once the Starshine Kid rode across its horizon.
The Starshine Kid employs investigative techniques and tracking abilities unheard of in the white man's world of his day to track down notorious outlaws plaguing the new western frontier.

A western for youth and up!

Featuring a unique cover painting and two dozen original illustrations by Norwegian artist Erlend Evensen in both the Kindle and paperback versions.
Visit his art site HERE

Available now in paperback: HERE-USA

USA Kindle Version available: HERE

Paperback version also available: HERE

In the UK: HERE

Available at Amazon outlets globally


Rounding the corner of the livery the Starshine Kid slowly crossed the back open yard. The air was as still as a dead man’s breath and smelled even worse.

Juárez stood alone, appearing as hard as a chiseled statue in the garden of a rich man’s estate somewhere back east, his trademark brown leather bandolier crisscrossed his chest; his only entourage… two pearl-handled pistols, his only friend… the Angel of Death. Juárez’s piercing stare told its own story.

The Starshine Kid observed the flash from Juárez’s two pistol’s barrels before he felt the bite of a solitary bullet. The sounds of gunfire exchange followed closely behind. The Kid managed to crack off a round before he fell to the ground, alone, injured, but alive. He rolled quickly to one side to dodge any more of his enemy’s gunfire, but as he stared across the empty abandoned livery stable’s back lot, he saw Juárez on the ground in the distance… as dead as dead can be, laying there in the dry dust with blood oozing from the corner of his partially opened mouth.

A flesh wound to his left leg was the empty price Sheriff King paid to rid the world of one more darkened villain. One man to the grave with two more to take his place, just one of those unwritten laws of humanity, he reminded himself as he crawled to a post and raised himself up, just one of those laws.

After removing his cowboy hat to wipe the sweat from his forehead, Starshine noticed a bullet hole, Darn, that was my best hat!

* * * * *

[Stage Play formatted for Kindle viewing]

The Wagon: Dr. Tamarra and His Famous Elixir [Kindle Edition]

Available HERE

The Wagon: Dr. Tamarra and His Famous Elixir

It is 1888 when a man known as 'Dr. Tamarra' arrives with his wagon at the high plains town of Silveyville selling his famous cure-all elixir.
How this mysterious man would change the lives of townsfolk was something that no one expected.

Originally composed with a Christian church audience in mind.



The scene opens with the arrival of a middle-aged gentleman known as 'Dr. Tamarra' who is selling his famed 'magic' elixir from his horse-drawn black wagon. The town is gathering to hear this 'Doctor' and his wondrous, miraculous claims of healing.


It is a peaceful day in Silveyville. A day just like any other, I suppose. Townsfolk are busy with their daily chores and duties within the community. School is due to be let out any minute, which will make store owner 'Bud' Chambers as nervous as he gets every day; the children play with the licorice and gumball jars and occasionally drop a jar on the hard wood floor, causing it to shatter, ruining the contents.

Mrs. Ebley is busy about town inciting fear in peoples’ hearts.
They are afraid she's spreading some sort of malicious gossip concerning them, a friend, a relative or anyone else for that matter. It seems no one is exempt from her detailed critiques.

'Chief' Greywolf, as he's called, is sitting in front of the Livery as he does every day. Old Pete is busy questioning the merchants about the genuine quality of their merchandise. Parson Richards is down at the church doing a bit of yard work before Sunday comes. Everyone seems in fashionable order and life continues as usual for this small, obscure country town.

But all will change soon, I'm afraid . . . for a black wagon is approaching.
The driver is a middle-aged man. His horse appears tired and in need of some good fresh water and care. They must have had a mighty rough time crossing the desert. The heat of the day can take the life right out of you and parch your bones. Let us see what this commotion is about...

Lights go down as narrator walks over. A corner curtain opens to reveal the wagon. Lights go up as other townsfolk are gathering.


Gather round, folks. I`m Doctor Tamarra and I've
got the answer to all your life's problems right
here in this bottle. I can rid your mind of anxiety,
cure your cough and even repair your withered and
damaged bodies with 'this' tonic.

The ancient Egyptians hailed this elixir as the very
fountain of wellbeing, calling it the 'Water of
Perpetual Life.'

Thousands have been relieved of their infirmities,
hundreds have seen their loved ones made whole again
and scores of famous people are alive today because of
this fountain of hope I have, right here, at your disposal.

How much will this cost us?

Just a few pennies for the first bottle, even less for the
second and if you buy six I will give another three -free of charge!

How can you make a living giving your medicine away?

Making a profit is of no consequence to me compared with the
prospect of your increased health. I would that you live and
I be destined toward poverty than for me to gain financially
and you be sick.

I must go tell everyone!

Go if you must, but today I will sell nothing.

* * * * *

* Giveaway Completed *

A huge success with over 300 Kindle eBooks given away!

Titles featured during giveaway:

The Rough Edges of the Cross: Y-MAX: Youth Maximum Security Detention Facility

The Starshine Kid: Arroyo Grande

Pensivity: Poems & Stories for Contemplation

The Wagon: Dr. Tamarra and His Famous Elixir

En Bestemors Jul - En Fortelling om Julen

* * * * *

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