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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remodel, Renovation, Restoration & Rejuvenation

Painting by Bertha Torbjoernsen – 19 August 1889

There is a lot of work involved in Fixing Up an historic 200 year old house.

Historical research and government (general and local) laws, rules and regulations play a significant role in determining what to do and when to do it, and if the project can be done. More work is involved if the house happened to be home to a chain smoker for 25+ years who rarely went outside.

Removing all of the interior wallpaper, flooring, cabinets, etc. is a good place to start once the house has been cleared of old appliances, furnishings, window covers, and other forms of debris. Then a complete wash of all surfaces is in order.

If available, using oil base paint to coat all ceilings and walls will help curtail the golden brown nicotine from bleeding through much if at all.

If you are in the USA, or can get ahold of it, you could use a paint product called “Break-Through” (Vanex Inc. has it). It is an expensive product I used for over 10 years in a California HMO’s chain of 25 San Francisco Bay Area hospitals and clinics. It dries super-fast and is very hard when dry and actually covered black permanent marker stains easily. That was during the 1980s & 90s, so check with the manufacturer to be assured the chemical composition of the paint has not changed over the past 20 years. I wish I could have used that product here.

I have more to do, so off I go! Enjoy the pics!
Reversing a bathroom door to open into the hall

Pre Paint entry


Working in the attic
More of the attic framing underway

A 'Soft-Close' attic door I constructed -slides easily like a drawer

Living room before clean up

Stairway after paint

Living room under way

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