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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Twists and Turns of Life and Writing

Many times our writing endeavors are similar to experiences in our personal lives.

We may start with a focal point in mind for a storyline, possible & probable characters, then commence with the project; along the way we run into unexpected twists and turns that require some experiential expertise to make all of these come out appearing as masterpieces of literary genius (at least in our own minds, that is).


My attic project is a good example of this process... no two cuts of subflooring, framing, insolation, plastic vapor barrier sheeting, sheetrock, etc. are the same and each requires special attention to detail with the addition and application of the unwritten rule of construction "measure twice and cut once" in order to produce a desirable result, including small storage areas where the ceiling meets the floor - to utilizing all space as best as possible and waste none. Not to mention that the highest point in the attic is almost one foot lower than my height, requiring untold weeks of stooping, crawling on knees and rolling/scooting across the floor to accomplish all tasks at hand. 



I read in Steven King's book "On Writing" about creating your literary piece with twists and turns that are not preplanned. If you don't know where the story is going then how will the reader know? It definitely makes for good surprises, creative-thinking composition and exciting reading for your audience.

Well, Happy Easter, Happy writing and good luck with any projects you have at hand!


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