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Friday, July 5, 2013

New Release: Criminal Continuum: Teen Criminal Investigation Unit

I am happy to announce the release of my new book "Criminal Continuum: Teen Criminal Investigation Unit"

Upper MG Fiction for the aspiring junior detective.

Robert and Rebecca Dance are fourteen year old fraternal twins who have a whiz-kid little twelve year old sister named Kelly.

Robert is into gadgets of all types, Rebecca is a genius with computer stuff, and Kelly, well, Kelly enjoys ballet and is an exceptionally intelligent straight ‘A’ student. They live in Berkeley, California in a beautiful older home with their parents.

After Robert and Rebecca meet a young police cadet assisting with an investigation at their school, this chance meeting leads to a long, exciting friendship filled with adventure.

A secret code, a suspicious stalker, the discovery of a mysterious chemical substance, and a trip to the country of Norway all produce opportunities for Robert, Rebecca and Kelly to intervene in exciting mysteries.

Criminal Continuum is filled with things for the young fiction reader to enjoy ... mystery, suspense, crime, family, friends, and just plain old fun.

Review from a middle grade reader…

This was a fun and exciting book, with great people/role models in it. The story can encourage teens to read more and improve their grades in school. Already looking forward to book number 2! Good for anyone 13 and up.

Kindle edition available HERE
Paperback available HERE
Paperback also available HERE

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