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Thursday, July 25, 2013

There’s No Place Like Home

I went on a day trip by ferry to Løkken, Denmark again and was reminded how much like California farming areas the northern part of this country is.

I could feel those home-style emotions and enjoyed seeing things and smelling things that all but caused me to be right at home.

In drama/theater we used memories to produce the emotions necessary for portrayal of a character more realistically… those sad times, stories, memories, etc., that helped show stress, or even tears (poor Tiny Tim and his empty stool & crutch were a favorite of mine); those happy events that changed one's countenance into a sunshiny day; anything that helped ensure that the show would go on.

I and others, including Stephen King during editing – see ‘On Writing’, use music to set the mood when writing a scene and expressing a character’s persona.

In your writing do you use these types of inspiration to set the scene and atmosphere for your storyline and characters? What other tools do you use while writing/editing, if any?

It is something to consider…


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