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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Writing Inspiration - What Inspires You?

I believe most writers are familiar with The Lincoln Lawyer, the 2005 novel written by American crime writer Michael Connelly, and Connelly's inspiration for this novel commencing from his path crossing with an attorney from the Los Angeles area of California. This attorney out of necessity worked from his car due to the geographical size and long distances necessary to cover that area. This lawyer could not afford the time needed to travel to a physical office and retrieve items necessary at any given moment when the need arrived.

My Rough Edges series (second book out later this year) was inspired by a multiplicity of events, occurrences, experiences, and people over the years, with the predominate 'trigger' for beginning the project being individuals from real life. The Starshine Kid from a lifetime of TV and book westerns, poetry from the heart, flash fiction from early TV shows like The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond and The Outer Limits.
And... my works currently in progress from real life experiences and historical events.

What inspires you to start your writing projects? To continue each project?



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