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Monday, September 8, 2014

Box Set Style New Release in the Works

I am trying to finish editing my new (sort of) book for Kindle release and later for paperback.

It is hard to accomplish everything one wished to when one's internet is down for 10 days due to provider error.

This release combines the first and second books of my series 'The Rough Edges of the Cross': Y-MAX: Youth Maximum Security Detention Facility & Cry of Silence...
... and features the addition of exciting new concluding chapters.

Oh, well... maybe soon?



Raquel Byrnes said...

Sounds like a great package of books. I hope all your technical difficulties get resolved.
Edge of Your Seat Stories

Royce A Ratterman said...

Thanks Raquel for commenting.

I am currently combining both previous books in the series into one and have completed ending chapters to end this series.

Our internet is back and was due to provider error. At least I was able to get to places that provide WiFi for free in our area a couple of times.
It is a different world when most of our checking/research avenues are found online these days!