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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eclipsing the Darkness - New Release

The Rough Edges of the Cross
Eclipsing the Darkness

This edition combines the first and second books of this series "Y-MAX: Youth Maximum Security Detention Facility" & "Cry of Silence" and features the addition of exciting new concluding chapters.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A criminal conviction and a judge's sentence places a teen boy into the heart of prison life.
Can God hear this teen's voice, the voice of a criminal?
Does God even care about the troubles and suffering this youth faces behind the razor wire?
Will the Bible contain anything within it to help this teen face his life in confinement?

Jennifer owned a troubled past and a troubled life, a life devoid of red carpets and model runways.
Follow this young teenage woman's journey as she struggles and searches for the answers she so desperately needs
Prostitution, drugs, dingy motel rooms, and smelly back-alley streets were the norm for this lonely teen girl until a pair of chance encounters provide her with the opportunity to choose a new direction for her life.

What will occur in these teens' lives?

Join their journeys as they gradually learn the art of walking in the Light while living in the darkness of personal imprisonment; as they attempt to find inner strength and answers to those questions no one wishes to hear or dares to ask.


Kindle File Size: 405 KB
Print Length: 180 pages
Publisher: Cross Walk Publishing (September 24, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-82-93267-16-4
Text-to-Speech:  Enabled
- Kindle Edition available: HERE
- Paperback Version available: HERE

The Rough Edges of the Cross series focusses upon those individuals whose daily lives border on the outskirts of Christendom's horizon of normalcy; people who must deal with life's trials and problems beyond the realm of the average person.



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