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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Writer's Vacation

Watching a town be torn asunder after the appearance of a mysterious man selling a cure-all elixir from his wagon was gut-wrenching; a gossiping busybody, a naïve sufferer, passively confused townsfolk, wise citizens with hands tied, a cautious analytical pastor, they all contributed to making my visit to Silveyville in 1888 very a memorable experience.

Twilight Zone style life experiences, one after the other, were very stimulating and refreshing for me; and enjoying some poetry along the way wasn’t half-bad either.

Visiting Berkeley, California and traveling to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for a picnic and Japanese Tea Garden visit was a blast, along with a search for a missing dog. Breaking a secret code was also fun. Then a wedding in Norway and a visit to central Oslo revealed a pick-pocket scam underway.
Another highlight was entering a youth maximum security prison mainline and construction project was exciting. This was topped off by a visit to a female youth max security prison and finally a halfway house. And a trip to the archipelago of Svalbard and its new super-max international youth prison was a frigid and unique experience.
 Traveling to Oklahoma during the Great Depression/Dust Bowl era was heartbreaking as well as heartwarming. From climbing a small plateau to experiencing the hardships of daily farm life, living, breathing, and working side-by-side with children and adults was an irreplaceable life-event.
 The Old West, gunslingers, outlaws, and a lawman without fear… now that was the place to be. I enjoyed every minute of dusty air I breathed.
 Following a Spunky Female Investigative Reporter set out to investigate a mysterious cult leader and missing followers was thrilling. Travelling with her around the San Francisco Bay Area, Arizona, New Mexico, and Eastern Oregon kept me on the edge of my seat.
 From the Old World to the Dark Continent and from the depths of the sea to cresting its frothy waves to reach the New World, the winds of literary time continue to march forward.
 And we haven’t even explored the dozens of research book adventures, DVD extravaganzas, and deep-sea diving through binders of printed-out materials one reads along their travels.
Such are the exploits one enjoys from the author’s chair.
 Ah, the vacation explorations of the writer have no boundaries or limits; one can visit mythical places throughout the solar system, encounter numerous obstacles during their journey, or simply explore the beauty of the heavens. And it seems the romance realm is a never-ending story for many.

 Where have your amazing adventures taken you?




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