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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Journalism and World Events - Rory Peck Awards 2014

Many journalists worldwide face dangers every day beyond any their counterparts did in the past relating to the reporting and filming of significant historical events and global turmoil.

A while back I had the pleasure of enjoying the film "1,000 Times Goodnight" dealing with a journalist, her life on the job and back in 'normal' society, and the effects she experienced due to her career. Loved it!
-Not an 'action' film per se. More of a character study style dealing with the effects a journalistic endeavor, as such, has on those reporting, their families, and those people and events being featured.

BBC's Firing Line TV show recently featured the independent journalism finalists for the 2014 Rory Peck Awards, including footage of their coverage 'behind the lines' where many of them also must live.

Finalists - HERE
Winners - HERE
The Rory Peck Trust on Facebook - HERE

The Rory Peck Awards are international.
They celebrate the skill and achievement of freelance cameramen and camerawomen around the world and demonstrate why they are so important to the newsgathering industry.

Do you find these reported events troubling, stimulating, inspiring, or???

I found the journalists' stories very inspirational, especially for distant future literary projects I have mapped out.

What type of films, books, life-events, etc., inspire your literary projects?


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