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Monday, August 1, 2016

History: Women Who Ran for USA’s President – 1872 & Onward

Women Who Ran for USA’s President – 1872 & Onward

Victoria Woodhull:
The first woman to run for president in the United States. Frederick Douglass was nominated as Vice President - no record that he accepted.
Equal Rights Party: 1872
Humanitarian Party: 1892

Belva Lockwood: 1884 & 1888
First woman to appear on official ballots as a candidate for U.S. president.
Belva's vice presidential candidate chosen was Marietta Stow.

Laura Clay:
First woman so nominated at a major party's convention - Democratic Party, 1920 – 1 vote
She was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was placed in nomination for President.
(Governor James M. Cox was the final candidate for the party - losing his bid by a vast majority to Republican Senator Warren G. Harding.)

Over the centuries, more than 200 women have sought the USA's highest office - President.

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